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Tournament Schedule

The tournaments are run in a "kid friendly" and kindly, competitive atmosphere. The idea behind this format is to allow kids to become used to archery tournaments before moving up to more serious state and national level tournaments.

The tournaments are run under the same FITA rules used in all recognized archery tournaments, but are not applied as rigidly, and are always explained in a simple manner when a rule is transgressed.

Kids that are between the ages of 7 and 18, and have completed a session with either Archery in Motion, the Art of Archery or the New England School of Archery, are welcome to take part. There are two levels of tournament, juniors for ages 7 - 10, and senior for ages 10 - 18 years old.

Please see the schedule to the right for tournament times and dates. Clicking on the item will show more detail for that event.

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